The Compagnie Théâtrale de la Cité

The CTC – Compagnie Théâtrale de la Cité – was officially born on December 5, 1998 on the occasion of the publication of its constitution in the Official Journal of the French Republic. It is a non-profit cultural association.


Behind the Play

It is a troop in the Moliéresque sense of the term. That is to say that our shows are made – for the most part – with the same actors and that we define ourselves as a community of destiny – a family of artists, as opposed to the “casting companies” which adapt their distribution to the repertoire they play.

Didier Dicale, Christine Gagnepain, Nicolas Hocquenghem, Hassen Sider and Philippe Villiers. 4 actors and 1 technician and light designer.


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