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A University degree in Theatre and Drama is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to pursue a career in this industry. Theatre and Drama Studies offers the core Bachelor’s degree, as well as a wide range of graduate and post-graduate degrees. Students can choose to study for their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Theatre. From there, they can take a variety of employment options. Students who wish to teach can pursue Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or Doctorate degrees with a focus on theatre.

There are a number of different schools offering a University degree in Theatre. The University of Birmingham offers a Bachelor of Arts course which provides the student with an overview of all of the disciplines and historical periods associated with theatre. During this four-year course, students will learn everything from ancient Greek drama to contemporary British theatre. This Bachelor of Arts program also includes a first-year studio element that focuses on theatrical techniques and historical research. As well as the studio element, the University offers other specializations, such as dance therapy, dramatic reading, and media theory.

The University of Glasgow offers a Masters’s course in Theatre and Drama. Students in this program are prepared to enter positions in theatre departments and as theatre designers and directors. The Master of Drama also gives students an overview of classic drama through the ages and introduces contemporary dramas through productions that use new technologies and formats. This course also takes a close look at the history of television drama and considers the social, political, and economic factors that have influenced the development of drama.

The University of Edinburgh has a theatre department that specializes in theatre studies. Students in this department will study ancient theatrical practices through modern-day, and global theatre. The theatre history coursework requires close attention to detail and an eagerness to explore all areas of the field. This course has been likened to a fine art school as students have the opportunity to work closely with a renowned professor. Classes will include debates and discussions with experts in the theatre world as well as being presented with original scripts to read and get acquainted with. The university also offers a program of supervised internship as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Studies.

The University of Florida offers a number of programs in theatre history. This is a great place for prospective students looking to get an education that also includes theatre consulting experience. There are several different theatre consulting opportunities in the University of Florida’s theatre department, and students can choose to focus on either the Commercial or Social Sciences. There is also a Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Studies, which combines classroom lectures with on-the-spot experience in the theatre.

The University of Northumbria has a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Studies. The Bachelor of Arts degree can be completed in a year, which means that students will be able to complete their studies in less than nine months. This is a hands-on, client-focused form of study which requires intensive research and fieldwork. Students will learn about different theatrical methods, and they will also learn about various performance arts such as dance, drama, puppetry, music, and visual theatre. These skills are also beneficial to performing artists, who can apply what they have learned in order to enhance their skill set and their performance art.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth has a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Studies. Here, students will gain a comprehensive overview of the history and development of drama from ancient times right up to the modern-day. They will gain a thorough understanding of the different types of drama, the period of time when each style was developed, and how they relate to today’s society. Students will also study the performance and the interpretation of theatre.

The University of Bath offers a Bachelors’s Degree in Theatre and Drama. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the history of drama and how to interpret it within a professional context. They will explore both classical and contemporary theatrical forms, and they will also have an opportunity to select a specific area of theatre studies. The theatre department at Bath Spa University offers degrees in Theatre and Dance for people wanting to pursue a career as a theatre director or theatre actress or theatre manager. There are also other degree options such as media studies, drama, and costume design.