Avoid Mobile Adds

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Sometimes, we can ignore them, yet other times they get on our nerves when we are trying to watch some video, play a game or surf the internet. Yea, we are talking about the adds that appear almost everywhere and won’t let us enjoy the simple things that the mobile industry offers.

Ads are inevitable. They can’t be neglected and there is a perfect reason for that. Most of the sites we are all visiting are free; they offer free service, free membership and lots of valuable things along with that. Someone needs to pay for these treats, and Ads are perfect for this. They are a paid advertisement from companies that want to reach your interests, and it may seem strange, but usually, the adds that are coming to your screen are something that you like. So, something handy and catchy might catch your attention.

But the adds can be really annoying. The add placement is sometimes in the worst possible spot, it comes out without you knowing it, it is positioned for you not to be able to click on it, it covers most of your screen and dozens of similar annoying reasons why every one of us would like to be adds free. One thing is for sure – playing games is one of the best ways to experience add-less site where the games can bring you lucrative prizes. Check it out!

Adblock Plus (ABP)

Thanks to the Android developers, we can no enjoy apps that actually block adds. There are many out there on the market, but our favourite is Adblock Plus (ABP) which does the trick even with apps inside games. This app is perfect, as it has several options available whether you want to filter non-intrusive ads to enter your system or block them all.

What is worth mentioning is that you go with this application, make sure you download it and install it from APK file, not from Google Play Store.

There are several methods and steps you need to follow once you got it on your phone in order for the application to work properly on your games as well as on your browser, so the steps can be found everywhere, just make sure you look for your device.



Ever since 2014 Adaway has been keeping the ads away from your phone, games and videos. It works in a simple, yet flattering way of redirecting the adds to, which practically is nothing, and allows you to fully enjoy the things you are doing without being interrupted.

Adaway and everything that is related to blocking ads can’t be found on the play store, therefore you’d have to search it in the APK to get it, and what is great about this application is that it is free to download.

Get this application to stop all the annoying, and sometimes malicious advertisements from reaching your phone while you are enjoying a fantastic time playing Angry Birds.

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