Basic Dancing Tips

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Without a doubt, at some point, you have wanted to let go to the rhythm and dance. However, sometimes you feel a bit self-conscious about your moves. That is why, we have gathered a few dancing tips that will help you step up your moves on the dance floor.

Relax Your Mind and Muscles

Before we start with all other dancing tips, it is important that you relax your mind and body. Dancing is supposed to be fun and a way to let go of your worries. Also, dancing is a great way to lower your blood pressure. So, if you are too hard on your moves, you will end up stressing out even more.

Listen to the Music and Surrender to the Rhythm

Let the music itself inspire your dance moves and surrender to the rhythm. Each time you hear a music that you really like, you can feel your body starting to react to the rhythm. It might be just a foot tap, but you can feel that you want to surrender to the rhythm and start dancing. So, don’t hold back!

Find an Instructor

If you still feel like you need some improvements, then it is best to get some dance classes with an experienced instructor. He/she will teach you all about the dance moves and might even let you in on the dancing techniques and steps. After a while, if you feel like you can’t make any progress with a certain instructor, perhaps it is time to find someone new. Look for someone with experience and one that has good reviews.

Learn Different Types of Dance

There are many different dance types, so maybe the problem is that you haven’t found the right style for you to express your dance moves. So, if you think that a different dance style will be right for you, you might find yourself in one of these types: Latin, swing dance, hip-hop, traditional Jazz, ballroom dance, freestyle, street dance, disco dance and others. See how your body reacts to each type and you might find a winner.

Watch Other Dancers

We all know that you can’t learn how to dance by watching other people do it, but you might learn a new move, step or technique.

Don’t Stare at Your Own Feet

While you dance, don’t look down at your feet. This will make you look and feel stiff, uncomfortable and uncertain in your moves. So, look up! Either in your partner or your reflection in the mirror (if there is one).

Other Dancing Tips

  • Eat right.
  • Train any chance you get.
  • Record yourself while you dance and then review it.
  • Practice muscle memory
  • Stretch out every morning
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Dance with different partners.
  • Dance in front of a mirrors.


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