Best Apps for Learning Music

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Learning music can be quite a challenge to some of the people that are interested in it. The music itself is a vast theory and a person can never learn it all the way. With millions of scales, variations, instruments and what else not, the field is so vast that people quit even before they get started.

With today’s technology, things are much easier and simplified, and learning music has never been easier. There are mobile apps for learning music that has chopped the process of teaching music theory, teaching you how to read notes and teaching you how to play an instrument. With a lot of interactions, multiple music areas to learn from and games that will help you learn in a different and interesting, yet educative way, you can learn music in no time. I personally know the struggle of doing it when I was younger, therefore I decided to present you with this list of best apps for learning music and the theory behind it. Take a look.

Sight Reading Mastery – an Android app that helps you learn how to read music through different interesting ways. There is a big online database where you can read other’s work, record your own and upload it, and together with the achievement mode, you can track your learning progress.

Chords! Guitar Chord Finder – an application that focuses on finding chords on guitar and keyboard, teach you the scales of the chords and show you visually how the position your fingers on the instruments while catching the chords. There is even an option for the left-handed people.

My Piano Assistant – If you wish to focus on learning the piano as an instrument together with the music theory narrowed down to it, this is the perfect app on the market. There is a piano on the screen that allows you to play it. Se the different tone sounds, record what you play and share it on the social media. You can easily learn the scales through this app.

Mobile Metronome – Something that is a must for every beginner! The metronome will help you stable your rhythm and make you feel more comfortable with yourself while playing your music. Always tend to have it on while you practise and follow it – eventually, it will get running inside your brain and in few years, you will be the rhythm machine of your band.

Ear Trainer – A fantastic app that trains your ear, which is a primal sense in the music world. Through different interactions and games, with over 160 exercises, it will help you manage the notes in your ear and learn chords, intervals, relative pitch and scales.

ImproVox – For the ones that are in love with singing this app creates a replica of your voice. It can make a full orchestra from what you are currently singing and will definitely make your skin crawl. It always sounds in the right tone, and you can add effects like echo, vibrato, reverb and what else not. Check them out!

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