Casino Theatre

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You might have never found a connection between the casino and the theatre. However, this article is dedicated to the Casino Theatre, which is located in New York City. And if you are not into theatres or land-based casino.


Casino Theatre Overview

Casino Theatre, which was later renamed in Earl Carroll Theatre, was built in New York City on Broadway. So, it is safe to say that this is a Broadway theatre. It was built back in 1882 and most of the operettas and musicals were performed here in the Casino Theatre. However, this came to an end in 1930, when the theatre closed its doors for the audience.
The Casino Theatre was popular and a leading force in the cultural world in New York City. It was the first theatre that included white audience to watch a play, which was played by African-American actors. Also, the Casino Theatre was the first to be popularized the chorus line and was lit by electricity. At first, the theatre could seat around 900 people. However, after a fire in 1905, this theatre was rebuilt, and they made it bigger and wider. This time the theatre seated around 1,300 people. Some of the most popular operas that were performed in this theatre were The Desert Song, The Wizard of the Nile, Erminie, The Vagabond King and Florida.


History Of Casino Theatre

This theatre that has nothing to with casino was designed by two architects Thomas Wisedell and Francis Hatch Kimball. They decided to design it in a Moorish Revival style. The cool thing about the design of this theatre is that it had an inside roof garden. Pretty modern for the late 1880’s, right? Over the first few years, the Casino Theatre was managed by the composer and producer Aronson Rudolph. From 1984 and up to 1903, the theatre was managed by Lederer and Canary. After this, it was under the management of the Shuberts. And as we mentioned earlier, this theatre was closed and demolished in 1930 together with the Knickerbocker Theatre. Both of them were close by and on the grounds of these theatres they build the Garment District. The last plays that were performed in this theatre are Faust and the American Opera Company’s Madama Butterfly. Here are some of the other plays that are worth the mention: The New Moon (1929), My Maryland (1928), I’ll Say She Is – Marx Brothers (1924), Oh, Lady! Lady!! (1918), Clorindy, or The Origin of the Cake Walk (1989), The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief (1882) and many many more.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article on the Casino Theater. And as we already mentioned, the funny thing about this theatre is that it has absolutely nothing to do with an actual casino.

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