Classic Plays in a Modern Context

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Many people, especially those who are not fans of the theatre and don’t watch plays too often (or ever), say that the theatre is an outdated form of art and that it doesn’t relate to the modern world and modern way of life. Nothing could be further from the truth, most plays are timeless and regardless of the specific conditions of the time when they were written, could be understood by anyone, regardless of their nationality, religion, origin, social class or age.

Just how influential theatre is and the effect it has had on our lives, see how many theatrical references have made their way into our common everyday parlance. For example, ‘take a bow’ is a theatre phrase but is nowadays commonly used, then ‘brought down the house’ meaning had a great effect on the audience is another phrase that is commonly used in theatre. There are plenty of other phrases that you might not even be aware of.

Furthermore, there are plenty of sentences and sayings that were part of a particular play which are in common use and again, you might even not be aware of some of them. After all, how many times you’ve heard somebody say, “this is to be or not be for me”, and even those who have never seen Hamlet know that this is a reference from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.  

Modern Films and Series Based on Classic Plays

There is a number of films, series and other modern pieces of art that are based on classic plays, and too often modern directors and screenwriters recreate and adapt classic plays, giving them a more modern style and form. That is possible because quality plays tell stories which everybody can relate to and even though the actual context is always tied to a particular era and geographical location, the problems that are described are perennial. Human, all to human as Nietzsche put it.

House of Cards is one of the most popular modern drama series, but you may not know that the story is based on the epic Shakespearean drama Richard III. Lion King is one of the most popular Disney cartoons, and many claim that it is not just for kids. Again, the authors took Shakespeare’s plays for inspiration. The moment where Scar decides to murder his brother to become king is a reference to Hamlet where Claudius killed his brother, Hamlet’s father to become the king of Denmark.

The Theatre and Modern Online Slots

One area where you may be surprised to see theatre influence, are slot games, but nevertheless, there are quite a few slot games that whose creators were inspired by plays and the theatre. In fact, it’s not just plays, basically any topic, every work of art can serve as a basis for a slot game. 


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