Dancing in Video Games

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Video games play on the senses of players. Wherever you look, video games and music go hand in hand. Whether it’s the soundtrack to the game or indeed the whole theme of certain titles, the audio that accompanies the game play is often as important as the game itself. Are you up for a little dancing, but you want to do it from a video game? You are in the right place, as these are the best dancing games available on those little tiny things you carry in your pocket – phones. We will focus on the Android system, so let’s take a look at some of the best dancing games for Android!


BeatX – Definitely one of the best dancing games that are available on the Play Store market. It has a Dance Dance Revolution style of play where you need to go up down left or right according to the rhythm and the arrows pointing and falling from above. It has several interesting options: you can play it alone, play a doubles mode or play head to head on a shared screen option multiplier. The game has a deep pool of content and it allows you to upload your own files and play on them. A highly competitive and addictive game that you should definitely try.


Cytus – Rayark International already developed several rhythm games and Cytus is one of them. With 200 free tracks and more than 450 total variants that can be played on nine difficulties, you need to tap on the screen to advance forward, and it is one of the first games that break from the DDR style of play.

You can also play the game as your own campaign, which is not something that will make you fall on your behind, but it’s a little extra from the producers.


Deemo – Another addition by Rayark in the mobile rhythm games. Very similar to Cytus where you need to tap to advance through the lines and there is also a story mode available. The game has an anime theme and 40 tracks available for free beside the ones that you can purchase. IT is not as huge as Cytus but there are several unique features that you need to try in the game and see before you make a decision.


DynamiX – with 20 songs available it may seem few, but there are more difficulties than any other popular rhythm game on the market. DynamiX will test your rhythm abilities and make the competitive side of you trigger and shake.


O2Jam U – It’s a game pretty similar to Guitar Hero for the PC version. It just took the things in its hand and brought something new to the mobile industry and rhythm games on Android. Notes fall down from the reels and you need to tap the screen when the note is about to hit the bottom.


TunesHolic – TunesHolic is a really traditional rhythm game that has also taken the Guitar Hero style of playing. With adjustable speed, difficulty and many different games to play on, this game brings you fantastic times on your phone. The gameplay might be a little bit slippery, but it’s nothing to focus on as it is still one of the best rhythm games for Android.

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