Etiquette for Modern Jive Dancing

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Looking for a social activity that is entertaining, which builds your confidence, and that is going to provide you head-turning dance abilities? Look no farther than Modern Jive.

You do not have to attract a partner to visit classes or jive occasions. You’re able to master quite cool-looking dance moves at a comparatively brief time. Modern jive turns heads at weddings and almost any social occasion and you’re able to dance it to some 4/4 conquer music.

Above all modern jive dancing is an excellent way to meet people, also, smart men know it is a fantastic way to meet women at a relaxed environment with a shared enthusiasm.

Modern jive is partner dance, and just like the majority of things, understanding that the dance manners can help you always get the best out of the dance experience. Maintain these high tips in mind and, guy or girl, you’ll have people lining up to dance along with you.

1. There is no standing on ceremony in modern jive. If you’d like a dance only request you. It’s not necessary to wait to be requested by the men, you are able to ask them also.

If you’re brand new, nervous or horribly bashful couple of things will do more for your dance, your overall confidence and your sense of achievement than asking other people to dance with you. Men love being asked to dance and unless they are taking a breather following a preceding dance they will normally say yes.

Men, unlike in clubs in which the odds of rejection if you request a dance are rather high, in a modern jive day or occasion it is rare for this to happen.

2. Say yes if you are asked to get a dance

It is supposed when you return to modern jive which you’ve come out to dance. Obviously, if you are resting or there is another fantastic reason to deny a dance it is perfectly fine to say no or indicate another dance.

Suggestion: Refusing a dance because the person is not the best dancer in the room is not a fantastic reason to deny a dance. In reality, if you simply dance with the trendy or fantastic dancers people will believe you are a dance snob – and this might actually decrease how often you get to dance. The fantastic dancers will need to rest.


But dancing is similar to a dialogue so look over your partner (not to the space or in whatever else is happening on the dance floor).

Along with a grin that informs your partner you are enjoying dance together.

4. Concentrate on your partner and dance together

Leave ideas of your job, or what is for supper or how someone else happens to be dance for afterwards. Your partner will immediately feel if your mind is elsewhere, so leave any bags off the dance floor and also concentrate on creating the dance fun to your partner. Dancing is an enjoyable way to overlook your stresses and anxieties if just for a couple of hours. It is no fun dance with somebody who’s distant. In any case, if you are not paying attention you might miss value cues. So make sure you look over your partner, smile, talk and enjoy the songs and dance.

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