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One of the most famous and most popular musical theatre is from France. The French have been around for a very long time as the creators of musical theatre. They have borrowed many of the ideas and techniques from other cultures and have borrowed new styles as well. For example, the rise of Trancers to the top of the charts has been greatly helped by the use of contemporary dance styles and choreography, something that wasn’t done in previous years.

There are many famous musical theatre acts that have made their home here in France. Some of these include The Pink Flamingos, Camille Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent, The Locolists, Aja’s Sextrot, Moet et Chandon, Pujols Deserte and La Rose des Demoiselles, les Sectrets, le Moissi and le Roi Galore, Royal Ballet du Parahelme, Royal Opera, Jules Verne’s Seideclasse, Llewellyn and the Squeakers, Donizetti’s Il Cucine Della Novemuse and the Autorama du Parahelme. Some of these groups have also gained worldwide popularity, most notably the Pink Flamingos who has sold millions of tickets. These acts have made their home here in France and they have inspired many similar acts.

It should be noted that many of these same musical theatre groups have produced movies of their own, particularly in France and England. There are several very popular movies of the genre and some of them have become hugely successful. In fact, there are even stage shows based on some of these themes. Les Miserables is a popular TV series, as is Idol, Royal Orchid, and Don’t Take Me Alive. All of these have achieved massive success, with each one selling more tickets than any other during their respective runs.

Some of the most popular musical theatre stars in France include Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Balanchine, Yves Montalcini, Joanna Masse, Daniel Ayusin, Vincent Piazza, and Andre Bocelli. Balanchine, a former theatre director, has achieved international fame through plays such as Le Figaro and Liza. Masse played the role of Jean Sibelius in the movie La Perloga. And while Yves Saint Laurent is best known for his leading roles in Coraline and Le Radieux, he has also achieved popularity for his stage work including Le Conjeux, Le jour choeur et le moire, and The Merchant of Venice. All of this has made Saint Laurent the most popular musical theatre star in France.

The best-known troupe in France is the Circle Line, which includes Maxim Brassil, Pierre Ballin, Pierre Soldat, and Daniel Micallef. The impressive cast has made the Circle Line a favourite among young viewers. Other notable musical theatre stars of the past include Jean Sibelius, Maxim Lysenov, Maxim Boyko, and Jean Baptiste Camille.

Some other theatres in France also deserve mention. The Lycee de la Plage, a historic Roman theatre, has been converted into a cinema. It has been used for many popular movies, including The Breakfast Club, Grease, and A History Of Violence. The Seineau des Mericlons, or The Water Palace, is an ancient palace that once served as the court of King Louis IV. Its long, grand corridors have been turned into a spectacular musical stage. The Theatre National, or Tournai, was built to host numerous theatrical performances.

For many years, the Le Louvre in Paris was home to the largest collection of works by the best-known modern artists in the world. It hosted popular shows by such artists as Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso’s wife, Camille, and many others. Today it houses a modern wing that houses one of the most popular ballet schools in the world. Many tourists travel to Paris just to see the Picasso Wing, which is so impressive, that many visitors do not leave the building! Another popular theatre lover’s destination is the Galerie des Beaux-arts, or The Museum of Modern Art.

When visiting cities across Europe, it is important to keep in mind the importance of popular theatres, as well as the history of their development. With so many great places to see in this beautiful part of the world, France has much to offer visitors interested in the development of drama. Knowing a little about the famous French musical theatre before your trip will allow you to enjoy it more fully than if you had no knowledge at all about the history of this fascinating genre.