Hollywood Actors who Love Theater

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Hollywood is not just holly-weird, full of actors who make millions (those that actually do) and many many actors who have no real acting skills but still make it on the screen because they have been typecast by a casting genius at some point in their life. Besides this glam category there are many actors who take on theatre lead roles and put up stunning performances. We will mention some names and share the insight about people who you will see both on the silver screen as well as on the stage. The actors who are able to deliver stellar performances in front of a live audience can always do much better in front of cameras, and this is why we want to throw some names who count for great actors.

Nicole Kidman

She was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood and appeared in movies such as Batman Forever, The Peacemaker, Eyes Wide Shut, Cold Mountain, The Interpreter, Fur, Queen of the Desert, Lion and many other titles. She also appeared in the Broadway theatre play The Blue Room in 1998 as the Actress, the Au Pair, the Girl, the Married Woman and the Model.

Kidman appeared in the West End theatre in the Photograph 51 play in the role of Rosalind Franklin.

Al Pacino

This is one of the best actors ever, always delivering amazing and memorable performances in Hollywood movies. But are most people aware that Al Pacino has a long list of theatre performances in his career? He has been in the role of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, Herod Antipas in Salome: The Reading; Harry Levine in Chinese Coffee; Mickey Ross in China Doll and a number of other Broadway plays.

Emma Stone

She is one of the dearest faces in Hollywood, and also one of the most talented actresses. Stone is a down to earth girl who is always striving for improvement. She avoids to become typecast so she diversifies her acting skills by immersing herself in theatre and literature among other things. Before winning the oscar in La La Land, she starred in the Broadway production of Cabaret. This is where she got her dancing moves so confident and elegant. Stone has this play to thank for for being able to deliver a stunning performance for her Oscar role.

Benedict Cumberbatch

This British actor has made his name famous in Hollywood filmsh such as Thor: Ragnarok where he played Doctor Strange and again, Doctor Strange in the Doctor Strange movie. Of course, there is also the Sherlock series in which he gave life to the world’s favorite detective. Besides these roles, he had one taste of a theater cum movie role as the Prince of Denmark in the 2015 rendition of Hamlet. Cumberbatch hit the stage in the Barbican in 2015 where he played Hamlet in one of Shakespeare most famous plays.

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