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With more and more games being created, all focusing on the online industry, it is hard to make a suitable list of top games that are the best online multiplayer ones. The biggest manufacturers have already twisted their focus on the online industry, and as soon as a new company launch they are definitely not going to settle without joining the online community as they would simply get smashed along the way. So, with all this in mind, this is our list of best games that you have to try if you are a PS4 lover.


Destiny – The ultimate go-to game for most of the games, Destiny offers a really nice first-person shooter experience that is leaving the other similar multiplayer games a bit behind. With constantly adding new content and maps to keep the game fresh, and PvP elements to satisfy the needs, it’s one of the best online multiplayer 1st person action shooter games.


Rocket League – If you think an organised chaos exists, it’s definitely present in Rocket League. You control a battery-powered vehicle in a vast football field against many opponents. You have power boosters, flips and tricks, jumps and shill demonstrations where the ultimate goal is to score and win.


Plants vs. Zombies – A game that has already been around for a while now offers a multiplayer version. Plants vs. Zombies are the first of now many games where you need to put immobile objects to stop attackers from crossing a certain path.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops III – One of the most competitive Players versus Player games in the world is Call of Duty. Group up with your friends and battle through the zombie attackers that are trying to reach you A coordination, teamwork and patience is what this game requires you to have if you want to progress through it.


Borderlands – a perfect game for you and your players if you want to play a campaign together. The same experience from the single-player game is decanted in the online version. There are few games in Borderlands series that you can choose from, and they are all 1st person shooters with amazing online experience. Check them out!


Resogun – It has been one of the first releases in the online PS4 world as a co-op game, and to be honest, it’s still one of the best. With a dark design and overall simple premise, it has a high value, as it looks like a reconstruction of an old NES game in the very best possible way. You should definitely give a try to the 1st co-op game in the PS4 world.


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – The times when Lara Croft offered several players where everybody had to wait for its turn are over. Up to three players can play at the same time in this online version of the game called The Temple of Osiris where everything is same, you fight, you loot, you seek, you achieve! Friendly fire is also available here, and with the rogue mode, you can give your teammates a mini heart attack once in a while.


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