Our History

BLIGNY: Performing expressions for over 115 years

The subsequent period, which kept going from Wednesday, September 19, 1934, the day of the introduction toward the finish of the Second World War, can be portrayed as “apotheosis”.

To be sure, the acclaimed specialist Louis Guinard, first specialist head of the Works of the Sanatoriums Populaires of Paris on the slope of Bligny had figured out how to persuade the benefactors that it had come time to put at the removal of the craftsmen guests of the methods expert to invigorate more to the “clinical reclamation” experienced by tuberculosis patients through their masterful exercises.

Bligny was again a forerunner, and indeed this changed the circumstance. The shows took an outfit that we can never burden unprofessional quality. The extraordinary specialized assets accessible to the craftsmen of Bligny gave their creations a scale never approached and the supporters – delicately sharpened by Bligny – needed to make their commitment to the structure, duplicating the methods at the removal of the formation of plays. theaters, presentations of melodies, and different operettas.

Consequently, in 1930, the piano maker Pleyel offered a fabulous show piano worth 6000 francs to the Bligny Sanatoriums – an impressive whole at that point.

The instruments of the symphony (presently all absent) were offered by the most eminent instrument creators, while record organizations routinely gave their last versions to sanatoriums and the club Theater Bligny had hundreds of titles (some were found during authentic exploration identified with the festival of the 80th commemoration of the performance center in 2014), also the cinematheque.

Toward the finish of the 30s, the occupants of Fontenay-lès-Briis saw – médusés-columns of vehicles with noblemen of the upper and women in cap, come from Paris to go to the exhibition of Paris stars extraordinarily drew in, who was performed at the Théâtre de Bligny for these advantaged rich, outside the presence of the inhabitants – due to the dread of infection was solid which allowed the chance to significant raising support to serve sanatoriums (which stayed a private altruistic work ), and obviously, its theater, makes legacy shows.

Toward the finish of the Second World War, the occupants and staff of Bligny sanatoriums had the metropolitan chief Urbain Guinard (child of the incomparable Louis) fabricated and given an accurate multiplication of the venue as it was in 1945.

This model is kept in one of the halls of the performance center in its unique glass bureau.

This tale makes it conceivable to turn out to be very much aware of the significance that the Theater of Bligny had for these individuals, and how much this scene processing plant had served to the helpful strength of these individuals conveying a hopeless illness.