VR Gaming

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Take a step back to remember your very first gaming experience.

You probably remember the console that you were playing and the game you were playing as well.

As a passionate gamer, I most definitely remember mine back in elementary school when my father bought me the very first Sony PlayStation One with one game already in it – Hercules. This was few hours before the New Year’s Eve (don’t remember exactly which year it was) but I know I was supposed to go and celebrate it with my friends, watch something, eat some chips and hang out.

I remember not wanting to leave the controller of the PlayStation, and after my mom made me go, I barely stayed there half an hour and immediately returned home to continue playing.

Now, fast forward with the steps, and we have reached the VR Age in the gaming technology.

The VR Is a powerful, head-mounted tool that brings five senses and the sensation that you are at the place at the time of the happening. VR is the future of gaming, and VR gives us unlimited possibilities, and now that we’ve found the way to go, our job is only to dig deeper and discover more.


Five Senses of VR

So far, we have managed to reach five senses in the VR Technology, with certainly more to come.


·         Visual

With a working power of 7 or 8 times more than the standard computer screens, the VR visuals are far more complex to develop and maintain but will most definitely enhance your experience and break to pieces every console that you’ve played in the past. The visual segment of the VR is relatively clear to all users.


·         Sound

Humans are able to determine the direction from where the sound comes, even if it is out of their sight. Because of this, the 3D Picture has to be synchronised with the 3D sound that the VR devices give.


·         Smell

The Smell in VR devices is a subtle and hard thing to achieve simply because the perception of taste is not the same among the people.


·         Tactile Feedback

So far, before the VR, we were able to game with only two senses. Now, we are able to give tactile feedback thanks to the haptic feedback that the VR’s have. This is the sector with the biggest potential, and we are able to achieve something that we thought it’s not possible few years ago.


·         Taste

In theory, the virtual food can be tasted due to the sensors that can give you the feeling of the structure of the food. The taste is currently being worked in National University in Singapore where the students are imitating the taste of food in someone’s mount without the food actually being there. They can also put chewing sounds according to the food and the person eating it.

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